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Njansang/Akpi Powder

Njansang/Akpi Powder

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Djansang in Cameroon, Akpi in Ivory Coast. It is a natural flavor enhancer. The almond is dry-roasted in a casserole dish until it turns brown. It thickens and flavors sauces. It is used in fish soups. In Cameroon, Djansang is also used in braised fish marinades. In Ivory Coast, Akpi is a must in Sauce Claire, but also a little more of Pistachio sauce in Akan Country.


How to use it
Use for marinades and to flavor various dishes.
Use it regularly on skin to help increase the size of your chest, buttocks, and hips.
It also reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
On the face, to help reduce the appearance
of fine lines and wrinkles.

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